Kayleigh Hayward

London. GTA. Southwestern Ontario Photographer

Heres a little about me:

I Started photography in 2007, started my business in the spring of 2010

I have an Ontario college diploma in Photography from Fanshawe College 

I love an awesome cup of coffee, I may have a slight caffeine problem as it has now become a necessity for survival 

I actually enjoy the challenge of assembling Ikea furniture. 

Chardonnay. Wine. Vino. 

I love making old things new again and breathing new life into them. I have been enjoying taking old furniture and adding a modern touch to it. 

I enjoy the thrill of the find and hunting through antique shops. 

I will attempt to DIY almost anything - I am surrounded by failed projects and also some that are super epic. 

I would love to have a home full of greenery but It is absolutely impossible for me to keep house plants alive. I have even killed a cactus. The best part of this is that my best friend studied horticulture and has an amazing green thumb. 

I believe in fate, karma and the transfer of energy. 

I listen to a lot of 90s alternative/ grunge rock, especially when I need to focus. 

I have been a competitive figure skater for 25 years, competed around the country and have won 3 national titles with my synchronized skating team. 

I would love to capture a piece of your story!

Real Wedding: Behind the scenes.